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Hometown Education Foundation

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9 W. Geneva Cir
Madison,  WI 53717
Phone: 608-770-3229

This charity seeks public donation to help poor kids in China to continue their basic education. 100 percent of your donation goes to the needy students. All is run by volunteers with no financial compensation. 100 of the fund goes to the needy students.

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Real Life Story

We have supported Baofeng since 1st grade and she is a leader in her junior year in college with numerous awards, including National Achievement Award. Her mother was born with physical and mental disability. Her father was already 40s and often sick when she was born. Dr. Yang visited her home in summer 2009 and there was nothing in the house. She wrote ` My father fainted when he and I worked in cornfield on hot summer day when I was in 6th grade. I was horrified and got him to the hospital right away. He was found to have gallbladder cancer. The surgery took a long time and doctors took one gallbladder out from my father. It was fortunate that my father survived, but he could never do hard labor. At that moment, we lost hope as the backbone of our family fell. I took care of my father for 17 days and nights straight. My mother ate squash for 17 days because we had no money for food. There was only RMB20 left. All the money had been spent on my father's treatment. My mother was disabled when she was born, and could not take care of herself alone. It was a bitter summer. Every time I was on my way to school, I would take a couple bags to collect recycles. I sold them in exchange for money so that I could buy medicine for my father.' Without our support, she would have had dropped off school after 9th grade. She appreciates the opportunity very much and excelled in Vocational High School and got into a regular university amazingly. With extra support from us and some convincing, she did not give up the opportunity and continued to excell and becomes a leader in her class. We need your support to help poor students like her. 100% donation goes to them!

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