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India Partners

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PO Box 5470
Eugene,  OR 97405
Phone: 877-874-6342

Partnering with indigenous Christian non-profits in India to alleviate poverty and injustice through economic development, medical and health care, education/vocational training, rescue children from sex trafficking, and empower women economically.

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Real Life Story

You can serve India's poorest people when you give a gift today. From rescuing children in the red-light districts to providing a home for orphans, you can transform the lives of people who are in desperate need of hope, love and compassion. You can provide them with the education, resources, and basic needs to help them overcome poverty in India.

You can change a life for a child like Rimpa
Today, Rimpa is a happy 7-year old girl. She was rescued from the dangers of the red-light districts and now lives in a safer place.

Rimpa used to watch pimps beat her mother regularly when she lived in Mumbai's brothels. She had no opportunity for an education and often went hungry. Rimpa never felt safe at night and lived without hope.

The abuse - and exploitation - she constantly witnessed was terrible. When her mother was trafficked into the sex trade, Rimpa became an innocent victim of the vile sex industry in India.

"The place was very dirty. The people were so abusive. I didn't like that place either. I used to be sad all day," Rimpa says.

But things changed once Rimpa was rescued.

"I feel so safe at the safe house," says Rimpa, who receives food, shelter and a quality education every day. She knows how to read, write, and speak in English. She's very thankful she gets to live in a better place. Rimpa is now immersed in a home filled with love and laughter instead of abuse and violence.

Rimpa is one child who has been given hope and a way out of poverty. With your help today, you can ensure many more children like Rimpa have brighter futures.

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