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Relief International

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5455 Wilshire Boulevard
Suite 1280
Los Angeles,  CA 90036
Phone: 202-639-8660

You see war zones. Or hungry children. Or suffering. You think: "There must be something I can do." There is. Donate to Relief International. Every day, we are working to end poverty, hunger and suffering in some of the world's most fragile settings.

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Real Life Story

A quote from a husband and wife residing in the IDP (Internally Displaced Camps) camps of the Azerbaijan Republic (former Soviet Republic):

"Since February 1992, I left Khojali by force. Before the war I had five children. During the war three of them - two daughters and one son died, other two sons are disabled. I am taking care of eight childs of my died son (my grandchildren). I am also victim of war. I am 75 years old. I was living in the tent in Oguz District since I became an IDP (Internally Displaced Person). From October 1995, I live in the settlement Azerbaijan-60 which was built by Relief International. I appreciate to the organization who built this houses. We appreciate all humanitarian organizations who helps us."

Zeynalov Ibrahim
Zeynalova Durdana

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